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Software Development

Software Development Company in United States

We are a leading software development company in United States, founded by passionate doers and tech entrepreneurs with a great mission in mind: to assist up-and-coming companies and SME businesses in turning their ideas into profitable ventures. We assist clients all over the world in launching next-generation products that have a significant impact on the IT industry, motivated by this lofty goal. The conception of stable and reliable and scalable software solutions for any operating system, browser, or device. We combine deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs and behaviours of their users.

Software Consultation

Software consulting services aid in the evaluation and improvement of technology-assisted business processes. Bridcodes' expertise as a software consulting firm is based on more than 100+ success stories spanning a wide range of IT requirements. Our best-in-class software engineers, designers, and business analysts use their extensive knowledge of mobile, web, cloud, AI, VR, and AR technologies to create custom solutions that meet your unique business requirements. We don't just provide cutting-edge technology; we go above and beyond to make your product incredible, based on extensive market research. Our custom software development firm will become a reliable and consistent partner in all of your technical endeavours.

Software Development services in United States

We are a full-service software development company that utilises cutting-edge technologies to assist businesses in achieving maximum productivity as they navigate the digital transformation process. We're always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to solve today's business problems. Our goal is to help businesses undergo a seamless digital transformation and revolutionize business operations across all industries.

Project Management

  • Software concepts: gathering information about your company's needs and pain points, as well as creating a software requirements specification.
  • Self-managed software development and QA from start to finish.
  • Providing specific skills to your team (team augmentation).
  • Mentoring: assisting your team with complex development challenges, Agile/DevOps practises, and senior-level IT professional code reviews.

Software Stack Evaluation

  • Examining how your current software works and how well it meets your business's needs.
  • Investigating inefficient processes, irrational IT spending, software failures and performance delays, low user adoption, and security concerns.
  • Developing a strategy to address inefficiencies discovered. Software modernization, refactoring, migration, and upgrade are all possibilities.
  • Resolving software bugs in terms of functionality, performance, and security.

Software architecture Evaluation and Design

  • Finding software architecture flaws that affect performance and security while also limiting software scalability.
  • Redesigning software architecture with a focus on scalability, flexibility, and low maintenance costs.

Software Modernization & Enhancement

  • Re-engineering
  • Refactoring software code to improve maintainability and make future updates easier.
  • Modern programming languages, frameworks, and databases are used to revamp applications and software.
  • Hosting, Platforming, and Migration.

Bespoke Software Development for all types of Businesses

Because of the superior functionality that a custom software can provide, custom software development is a way to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Bridcodes has 10+ years of experience in the IT industry and provides custom software development services in United States to plan and deliver high-quality software in a timely and reliable manner.

Businesses Software

We create software that automates enterprise-wide processes and covers interdepartmental information flows, as well as customer, vendor, and partner transactions. Enterprise Resource Planning software, Customer Relationship Management System, Operations Management Software, Supply-chain-Management System, Enterprise Asset Management System, Manufacturing Execution Systems are just a few examples.

Departmental Software

To meet the needs of a specific department within your organization, we develop software with features that are not available in mass-market commercial or free software. Few examples are Human Resources Management System, Human Capital Management System, Supply-chain-Management System, Point-of-Sale (POS) System, Claims Processing Software, Inventory Management System, etc.

Software that fulfills a specific business need

We create software that fully covers business-specific and industry-specific functions, so it doesn't require the time-consuming and complex customization that market-available software does. Delivery Management System, Billing software, Accounting software are few examples.

Customer Self-Service Software

We create applications that enable your company to provide personalized customer experiences and outperform the competition. Appointment Booking System, Movie Ticket Booking System, Hotel Reservation System are just a few examples.

Software Development Process at Bridcodes

Specifications for Requirements

We'll work with you to determine the project's precise requirements. This will aid us in comprehending the requirements, as well as what you hope to achieve with the software and how you want the solution to function. We will be able to choose the best approach for software development and minimize any potential risks using this information. Finally, we'll create a document that contains all of the project's details, including goals, milestones, deliverables, and a timeline.

Design and Prototype

We'll start working on the solution based on your specifications. You will be given a prototype as well as mock-up screens and interfaces so that you can provide feedback. We'll also give a demonstration to show how the software will be used by the user.

Testing & Development

Our software engineers and developers will begin coding your application once you are satisfied with the design. After development, the software will be tested to see if there are any bugs that need to be fixed. The core application functions, text input, installation on localised machines, and aspects that are not related to any specific function, such as scalability and security, are the most important features to check.

Deployment and Maintenance

We can finally deploy the solution by integrating it into your business operations after it has been thoroughly tested and error-checked. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive support and maintenance services, ensuring that any future errors are quickly resolved.

Software Development are Transforming Industries

Any Business's success depends on its ability to work efficiently. With our software development services in United States, we assist businesses from various industries in increasing their productivity.


  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management System (SCM)
  • Operations management software
  • Business Process Management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM)
  • Human resource management (HRM) (HCM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)


  • Manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Product life-cycle management (PLM) System
  • Procurement platforms
  • Inventory management System
  • Spare parts management System
  • Connected vehicle System


  • Electronic medical records (EMR) systems
  • Healthcare revenue cycle management
  • Medical Appointment Management System

Why Bridcodes for your Custom Software Development?

We've provided top-notch Software solutions to our clients over the years. There are numerous reasons why our clients prefer Bridcodes to other companies. We've already mentioned a few of the features that set Bridcodes apart from the competition:

  • Customer-focused approach
  • Vast domain experience
  • The pool of best talents
  • No compromise over quality
  • Technology competence
  • Top-notch innovation

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