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App and API Security

App and API Security in United States

APIs are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their simplicity, Schematic, and speed of development and deployment. The main goal of an API security test is to find the API's vulnerabilities by running penetration tests, fuzz tests, validations, determining sensitive data exposure, and so on. Traditional web scanning tools may not provide the desired test results for APIs, so IARM has developed our own script and methodologies for API penetration testing, which can include but is not limited to SOAP, XML, REST, and other web services.

Web Application Security Assessment in United States

Information security best practises and technologies specifically designed to test websites, web-based services, and web applications are combined in web application security assessment. Security testing of web applications can be done manually or automatically, and it should be done throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It will usually include safety protocols, security checks, and regular assessments, as well as safe coding practises, secure firewalls, vulnerability testing, and the implementation of protocols to ensure safe operation.

Web application security assessment at Bridcodes is designed to continuously monitor website security, assisting in the identification and mitigation of application vulnerabilities. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to hackers, and scalable SAAS website security services that grow and adapt with expanding IT systems would be especially beneficial.  Your assessment should include clear, concise remediation recommendations so you know exactly what to do to mitigate vulnerabilities in both the application and the entire solution that surrounds it.

Mobile Application Security Assessment in United States

Mobile Application Security Assessment services ensure the security of your mobile apps. We take a comprehensive and prioritised approach to mobile app testing, lowering your overall risk and remediation costs. An assessment of the security and compliance risks of your entire solution, including the app on the device, backend systems, the network the app connects to, and the interaction and data flow between them, is performed. Security experts with experience in application development and coding who are familiar with the flaws that threat actors try to exploit will thoroughly assess your security controls and provide actionable recommendations.

Why Bridcodes for App and API Testing in United States?

  • Bridcodes believes that manual testing is the best way to go when it comes to Web Application and API Penetration Testing. Traditional Penetration Testing scanners might not deliver the results you want. The Bridcodes Pen Test team has devised a novel method of API testing. Manual testing accounts for 82% of the test cases, with scanners accounting for the remaining 18%.
  • Knowing whether and how an application uses APIs is critical; Bridcodes' team of experts has extensive functional and technical knowledge of application development.
  • For each vulnerability, We provide a "Proof of Concept" and solution.
  • Penetration testing team that is "developer friendly." Our test reports are well-liked by developers because they meet their needs for an easy-to-understand report that includes a simulation view for each vulnerability as well as recommended solutions that are simple to implement.

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