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Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation in United States

Hyperautomation is end-to-end automation achieved by combining the capabilities of multiple technologies, such as RPA, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. What is hyperautomation, exactly? It's the broadening of legacy business process automation beyond individual processes. Hyperautomation enables automation for virtually any repetitive task performed by business users by combining AI tools with RPA. It even automates the automation by discovering business processes dynamically and creating bots to automate them. Hyperautomation is a means for true digital transformation, with tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) working together to automate complex business processes—including where subject matter experts were once required.

Hyper Automation services in United States

Hyperautomation ambitions are enabled by a combination of robotic process automation, intelligent business process management suites, integration platform as a service platforms, and decision management systems. According to reports, RPA combined with AI and machine learning will be the key enabler of hyperautomation. Combining RPA and AI technologies gives you the power and flexibility to automate processes that were previously impossible to automate, such as undocumented processes with unstructured data inputs.

Discovery Bot

Process discovery uses AI to reveal processes and create bots automatically, speeding up the automation process by up to 5 times. Automation Anywhere's ground-breaking design allows business stakeholders to collaborate at every stage of their process automation journey.

IQ Bot

IQ Bot is a computer programme that measures intelligence. IQ Bot captures, extracts, and classifies unstructured data using cognitive technologies such as computer vision, optical character recognition (OCR), fuzzy logic, and machine learning (ML).

Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the error-free execution of structured business processes. RPA bots have the same digital skills as humans when it comes to completing process tasks in any environment and application, but with the added benefit of total flexibility.

Bot Insights

The data that bots collect as they work is used to create hyperautomation analytics. Bot Insight is based on embedded self-measuring and monitoring within each bot, which provides detailed information on not only what the bot does, but also what it encounters.

Potential Impact of Hyperautomation in United States

Hyperautomation is a high-speed route to involving everyone in business transformation, aided by the automation of increasingly complex work that relies on human knowledge inputs. Upskilling RPA with intelligence results in intelligent Digital Workers who can assist employees with repetitive tasks. These Digital Workers are the hyperautomation's change agents, with the ability to connect to a variety of business applications, work with structured and unstructured data, analyse and make decisions, and discover new processes and automation opportunities.

The Organization's Digital Twin

RPA+AI are the essential ingredients of hyperautomation, as AI distinguishes Digital Workers from traditional automation approaches. Hyperautomation also provides another unique benefit by uncovering and automating previously inaccessible data and processes: the creation of a digital twin of the organisation (DTO). What good does that do? A DTO makes previously invisible interactions between processes, functions, and key performance indicators visible. Imagine being able to see how business value is created—or isn't created—and being able to use that intelligence to respond quickly and identify new opportunities.

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