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AI & IoT in United States

Internet of Things (IoT) services assist in the collection of data from physical objects and the intelligent use of that data for process automation and business intelligence. We create multi-level data pipelines for value-centered IoT solutions at Bridcodes, from edge computing to cloud data processing and data science.

Get from concept to value in less time.

Don't get bogged down in proof of concept – we can help you make sense of the confusing landscape. For a complete and secure solution from sensor to cloud, tap into our in-house expertise. Utilize our technology building blocks to lower risk and accelerate time to value. Our goal is to assist you in maximizing the value of technology in order to achieve your business goals as quickly as possible. To bring digital transformation to your business, look into our IoT solutions, services, and products.

AI & IoT services in United States

We use IoT technologies in a variety of industries for a variety of purposes.

Preventative maintenance of equipment

Equipment performance metrics are monitored remotely, and potential malfunctions are detected early. Prevents equipment failure and interruptions in production.

Process Automation

Using commands sent from control apps to actuators to automate manual actions. Simple actions such as turning on/off, opening/closing, and complex industrial processes such as robotic order picking are all possible.

Environmental Monitoring

Obtaining the necessary environmental metrics (temperature, humidity, pollution, CO2 level, etc.). Checks asset storage and transportation compliance, monitors operating conditions for industrial equipment and at human workplaces, and understands process environmental impact.

Energy consumption optimization

Automated control of the intensity of energy use in response to external conditions. It can be used in both private (home lights) and public (street lights) settings.

Inventory and asset management

Geolocation and movement of assets can be tracked remotely. There is an immediate indication that there is a shortage of stock.

Remote Diagnostics

Analyzing vital signs obtained through wearable devices and informing a supervising physician of any deviations from normal levels. Telehealth on a higher level.

Video Surveillance

A real-time alert system for unusual behaviour in the monitored area. Crime prevention, early fire detection, and traffic incident alerts are all examples of applications.

Product Quality Management

During the manufacturing process, product parameters and process compliance are monitored.

Transportation Management

Monitoring cargo in transit in real time to ensure its quality and ensure compliance with transportation regulations.

IoT adoption Consultation in United States

  • Researching your business context and the tasks/problems you want to solve with IoT.
  • Determining what data must be collected in order to achieve project objectives.
  • Advice on hardware.
  • Setting up a data centre with the necessary data processing and mining capabilities.
  • Constructing a data pipeline.
  • Defining the functional scope of each solution component: smart things, data warehousing and analytics, control, and user-facing apps.

IoT architecture development in United States

Setup of the IoT ecosystem in United States: data collection, analysis, and presentation

Layered IoT architectures are something we design and implement:

  • The data generation layer is responsible for configuring and connecting IoT devices to the network.
  • Edge computing: establishing a decentralized network to keep data processing close to the source, allowing for quick local decisions.
  • Data center setup: modelling a data processing environment for heterogeneous IoT data, using machine learning and data science algorithms to identify patterns and trends required for problem solving.
  • End-user app development: creating various types of apps to serve visualized data insights (web, mobile, VR/AR, smart screens, voice assistants).
  • Control app development: creating web and mobile apps that allow IoT devices to be controlled remotely.

Management of IoT applications for long-term success

  • Troubleshooting and technical support: quick identification of data quality, application availability, and usage issues.
  • Cloud management: tracking and optimising the use of cloud resources.
  • Network, server, database, and application vulnerability assessments; infrastructure compliance review; DDoS and APT prevention
  • Evolution of IoT solutions: application updates and expansions to meet your changing business needs.

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