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Ransomware Threat Response

Ransomware Threat Response in Birmingham

Ransomware has become the latest go-to tool for cybercriminals attacking and extorting businesses, with a variety of variants such as Maze Ransomware, REvil Ransomware, Wallet, and others. Wait, there's more. Tycoon Ransomware, Ryuk Ransomware, and NetWalker Ransomware are all ransomware. WannaCry was one of the most widespread and damaging ransomware attacks ever. Traditional signature-based antivirus and threat detection methods have proven to be ineffective in the face of such attacks.  Currently, there are multiple ransomware strains, and we respond to at least 2 to 3 ransomware-related incidents per week. We assist with settlement and have a 100% success rate in lowering the ransom. The attacker may be able to cripple your business if you do not have the right team to help you remediate the ransomware and communicate with the attacker to get your data decrypted.

Ransomware Threat Response services in Birmingham

Continuous Scanning

You can be notified when a scan finds out-of-date or unpatched software on your system as part of a vulnerability assessment programme.

Network Architecture Evaluation

A cyber engineering service that can assess, optimise, or re-design and build your network to make it more resistant to ransomware attacks

Ransom Payment

Do you know how to get Bitcoin and set up a payment server on the dark web if you've been compromised? We can assist you if your risk management process suggests paying a ransom. We'll work out a deal and pay the ransom on your belhaf.

Identifying the Source

Digital forensics services can assess your environment to determine how your organisation was hacked and provide remediation guidance or services to address any identified vulnerabilities.

Threat Hunt

We can scan your network for hidden threats such as ransomware that hasn't yet been executed, as well as other indicators of compromise and malware presence.

Training and Awareness

Educate your employees on how to spot social engineering and phishing scams.

Ransomware Prevention Service in Birmingham

In most cases, we'll diagnose and remediate the Ransomware Incident within a few hours. We recognise the importance of this to your company. Our cyber experts are masters at restoring your data, attempting to do so yourself may result in your files being permanently lost. Paying a ransom to a criminal does not guarantee that your data will be returned. If we are unable to recover your data and are forced to pay the ransom, we will work with the hacker to reduce the ransom.

Why Bridcodes for Ransomware Threat Response?

Bridcodes' Ransomware Endpoint provides protection against today's threats by going far beyond malware. Our Ransomware Flash Detect antivirus protects your endpoints with machine learning and behavioral analytics. Fill the gaps left by legacy antivirus solutions by protecting against malware, ransomware, and file-less attacks. Our Ransomware protection begins blocking at the attack's initial entry vector (for example, phishing) and continues blocking throughout the attack lifecycle, including exploit installation/execution and command and control. Today's security teams are inundated with alerts from ineffective products that lack context or attack prioritization, causing them to miss the real threats threatening their data. Our Analytics and Reporting Cloud quickly filters out potential anomalies and only sends out alarms for high-fidelity events that need to be investigated further.

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