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SEO Writing in Birmingham

Content writing that prioritises quantity over quality is so much out dated. Content writing services from the past are no longer adequate for today's SEO approach. Modern search engines use sophisticated algorithms to distinguish relevant, valuable online marketing from content created using antiquated SEO techniques. Inserting keywords haphazardly into shallow content today only hurts your brand's visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) and in the eyes of your target audience. That's why every SEO writer at Bridcodes is up to date on the current best practises, including cutting-edge marketing strategies geared to increase your online presence and cater to the demands and needs of your readers. Our professional writers combine journalism, creative writing, and digital marketing expertise to work with strategists and SEO specialists to ensure that every piece of marketing meets the mark, regardless of the type of material.

SEO Writing Service in Birmingham

Writers, strategists, and marketers at Bridcodes collaborate to create a compelling content marketing plan that resonates with potential buyers and results in SERP-ranking website content. High-quality online content that is optimised for search engines is essential for your brand.

Search Performance Brief

The Search Performance Brief (SPB) is the pinnacle of SEO content writing. Your content strategist finds keywords that are within your site's ability to rank for, have strong relevance or commercial intent to your brand, and are really searched for by your potential leads. The top-20 results are then subjected to advanced analysis to determine which topics are being discussed. We build a detailed plan that will guide your writer in creating the most effective piece of content for that topic. Keyword data, SERP targeting direction, TF-IDF (term frequency-inverse document frequency) evaluation details, and much more are included in the SPB. Finally, and most significantly, your SEO content writer combines all of this information — as well as your brand guidelines — into the most thorough piece of content for your target term on the web. This is SEO content writing at its finest.

Search Intent Research

Keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO practises are no longer fooling search engines. Your SEO efforts are more likely to be harmed than helped by a "SEO piece" filled with favourable search phrases. Modern search engines are more concerned with the purpose of the searcher. Your website content must address the queries that your target audience has. Our SEO experts can help you satisfy searcher intent for each keyword you want to target. One keyword, one blog post (or landing page) is our attitude – no aimless "article writing" with several keywords strewn throughout your site. Quality content that caters to searcher intent converts visitors into buyers and keeps your website from being lost in the shuffle. Our SEO content writers work relentlessly to ensure that your content marketing fits the demands of your target audience, from commercial queries to informational searches.

Content Mapping

Our SEO content writers map out every piece of SEO copy that doesn't get an SPB, from blog posts to gated downloadable assets (like eBooks and white papers) to press releases, to ensure it serves searcher intent, supports your business goals, follows industry best practises, aligns with similar trending topics, includes appropriate keywords and phrases, and stands out from other online content. The only approach to maximise copywriting that will rank well in search and bring the most qualified traffic directly to your website is to use data-driven content development. Project managers are on hand to serve as client advocates, scrutinising each article idea for SEO and audience engagement potential. Your content is provided through our dashboard after numerous rounds of edits and revisions.

Why Bridcodes for SEO Writing in Birmingham?

Apart from SEO content writers, the Bridcodes team includes experts, strategists and consultants who have developed successful content strategies to improve SEO. Your team will implement organic, long-term action plans to maximize your search engine rankings and guarantee you stay on top, using the latest strategies in line with your commercial objectives. To help your digital marketing initiatives, team members use industry-leading software solutions and content generation services in addition to their online marketing expertise. We don't simply provide regular metrics reports outlining your SEO success and ROI; we also conduct a competitive content analysis to uncover possible SEO possibilities and ensure you don't lag behind the competition.

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