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Technical SEO in Birmingham

Technical SEO is all about increasing your website's performance and improving the user experience. It's as easy as that: the higher your website ranks, the more quality business it can produce. Your bounce rate rises with every second your website takes to load, and you lose the potential leads. With Bridcodes' technical search engine optimization (SEO) services in Birmingham, you can boost your website's performance and attract more high-quality leads and traffic.

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that your website complies with search engine criteria and can be scanned and indexed without issue. A technical SEO audit's main purpose is to evaluate your website's current SEO and determine which parts need to be improved for a consistent online experience. User expectations have shifted drastically over time, and search engines have become more sophisticated. According to reports, there are currently over 3 billion smartphone users around the world. Because of the tremendous increase in smartphone usage, Google has released an algorithm update that priorities site performance and mobile experience when ranking web sites. Google now stigmatises websites with poor structure, slow page load times, and odd redirection. These technical SEO flaws, if not addressed, could result in a significant decline in search rankings and organic visitors. Given that the top organic search results receive approximately 40% of all clicks, a drop in ranking might be disastrous for your company.

Technical SEO Services in Birmingham

Search Engines such as Google and Bing now stigmatizes websites with poor structure, slow page load times, and odd redirection. These technical SEO flaws, if not addressed, could result in a significant decline in search rankings and organic visitors. Given that the top organic search results receive approximately 40% of all clicks, a drop in ranking might be disastrous for your business. We recognise that maintaining your core business operations while navigating the difficult needs and methods of technical optimization SEO on your own can take a toll on your time, money, and resources. Our technical SEO specialists are here to assist you with this.

Technical Audit

We do a full SEO technical audit to detect and resolve technical SEO issues with your website. Mobile performance, internal link structure, page speed, XML sitemap, indexation, crawl problems, robots.txt, and site architecture are all included in the audit. We design short- and long-term solutions based on the analytics results to improve your visitors' website experience and improve your Google rankings.

Speed Optimization

Page speed has an impact on your ranking and, more crucially, the online experience of your clients. Our technical SEO experts can compress your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files to make them smaller. We also optimise your code, decrease redirection, use browser caching, use content delivery networks (CDNs), and improve server response times.

Structured Markup Data

Using Schema markup, you may make it easier for search engines to crawl, interpret, and display your content. Your page elements are highlighted, data tags are assigned, HTML is created, and schema markup is added. To test your markup and diagnose any errors, our team uses Google's Rich Data Testing Tool.

Competitor Analyses

Determine your conversion potential by getting a comprehensive picture of your competitors' optimization strategies. Our technical SEO expert analyses the keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and technical and backlink profile of your competitors. These procedures enable us to develop plans that will provide you a competitive advantage in your niche market.

Meta Data Analyses

Meta tags that accurately describe your page content to web visitors and search engines can help you increase your online visibility and traffic. Thrive optimises your meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robots tags for WordPress. As a result, we ensure that no misplaced info will negatively impact your SEO performance.

Image Optimization

Large images affect the performance of your website and drive away visitors. With technical SEO for eCommerce, you can speed up your site's load time and attract more customers. Our experts will determine the best file format for you, optimise your alt attributes, compress your photos, use image sitemaps, and make the most of image optimization plugins.

Why Bridcodes for Technical SEO Services in Birmingham?

Technical SEO is extremely important for online success. You can identify website difficulties, take prompt action to repair them, and guarantee that all SEO aspects are performing effectively with the suitable technical optimization SEO strategy in place. Make the most of our technical SEO services to ensure profitable long-term growth. When you work with our technical SEO firm, you can expect the following:

Website Audit

The performance of your website is the consequence of several variables working together. We perform thorough site audits for technical SEO, paid campaigns, conversion rate optimization (CRO), backlink profile, analytics, and competitiveness at Bridcodes. We can make data-driven and research-based business judgments this way.

Expert Team

Bridcodes is a renowned technical SEO agency in Birmingham. Our team consists of Google-certified SEO experts who will manage your project from start to finish. To ensure that our services generate results, we identify, plan, and execute data-driven technical SEO suggestions and keep up with industry trends.

Reporting and Analytics

Keep track of the results of your SEO campaign and all of your online activity. Our team uses analytics to get actionable insights and achieve the results you want. Regular consultations, email updates, and monthly reports are also provided so that you are aware of your marketing strengths, problems, and opportunities.


We assess and analyse your present campaign state, marketing objectives, and expectations during our initial consultation. As a result, we can ensure that all of our SEO strategies are in line with your objectives. To improve your site's leads and traffic, our team uses a variety of distribution tactics.

Benefits of Technical Optimization in Birmingham

The capacity to create high-quality organic traffic is the primary benefit of an SEO-optimized site. However, a website that performs well in search engines and is built using SEO best practises provides numerous other advantages to both the business and the visitors.

Increased Productivity

With the growing tendency of people conducting keyword research on their mobile devices, the site structure must be prepared to accommodate increased mobile traffic. Effective mobile SEO methods yield tangible results.

Better Ranking

A well-optimized website yields higher SEO results. It's that simple. These, in turn, translate into ROI and targeted conversion rates and user pleasure. Technical SEO creates a measurable pool of commercial benefits that are worth pursuing.

Boost Conversion

From a technical SEO standpoint, a well-designed website is an excellent method to boost the overall conversion rate of each page. A site that ranks higher in keyword research and makes good use of traffic.

Enhanced User Experience

Not only from the perspective of visitors, but also from the perspective of Google algorithms and crawlers, a great user experience with your site is critical. Frustration and session abandonment are caused by underperformance, sluggish page speed, and a lack of intuitiveness.

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