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Headquartered in Bangalore and founded by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal in 2007, Flipkart is one of the biggest Indian e-commerce companies. Flipkart has more than 10 crore registered customers with over 10 million daily page visits and 80 lakh shipments every month to over 1000 cities. As a business owner, the opportunity for growth on Flipkart is incredible and it only keeps increasing exponentially every passing day. Your business has an opportunity to skyrocket with Flipkart. Wondering how? Let us tell you how.

Flipkart owns one of the largest market shares in India amongst all marketplaces. During the 2021 festival season, Flipkart managed to bag a stellar 62% market share. Below are a few additional reasons for you to consider selling on Flipkart

  • Growth: It has over 100 million registered users (targeting 500 million by end of 2022), thereby, providing you with a wider potential customer base.
  • Network: It offers 200+ pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery agents for hassle-free delivery of your products.
  • Ease: You can analyse your product sales easily through the Flipkart dashboard and seller’s hub.

How to start selling on Flipkart?

Flipkart allows all sellers and vendors who sell new and genuine products to its customers to get registered with them. Be it individual sellers, manufacturers, suppliers, or any private limited firm, Flipkart encourages them to sell. Bridcodes Global, being Flipkart’s service partner, can provide you with assistance every step of the way in order for you to get registered on Flipkart.

Step 1: Identify Product Categories That Sell Best on Flipkart

Before you start selling on Flipkart, it is important to understand the demand for various products across Flipkart. It is imperative to research and understand the product categories that are high in demand. If your product falls in the high demand category, you have an edge as a seller on Flipkart.  It is observed that the products categories creating maximum traction on Flipkart are:

  • Electronics
  • Home & Decor/Household Products
  • Books 
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Health & Personal Care products
  • Baby products

It is worth making a note that certain product categories are more in demand during some seasons while others enjoy consistent sales all year long. Knowing the seasonality of your chosen product categories is necessary to ensure that you can manage inventory and orders efficiently.

Along with demand, it is also important to take into consideration the competition. There are close to a million sellers on Flipkart and therefore, you may want to find a category that has a consistent demand but at the same time is not over-competitive. You can list any category on the Flipkart platform except the following:

  • Property
  • Real estate
  • Detrimental chemicals
  • Heavy machinery
  • Medicines
  • Farm inputs
  • Sex toys
  • Alcohol
  • Car parts

Step 2: Registering Your Business on Flipkart

The process of registration on Flipkart is as follows:

  • Use your mobile number and email id to sign up on
  • Upload the required documents (check the next section)
  • Verify your bank details.
  • You need to list at least one product in order to start selling on Flipkart

The documents required for registering your business on Flipkart, depends on your business type. Check below for the documents required by the different business types in India:

For Private Limited Company:

  • Proof of Identity:
  • Photocopy of registered documents and Incorporation certificate of the Private Limited Company
  • MoA copy
  • Company PAN
  • Proof of Address:
  • Phone bill, Electricity bill, Rental or Lease Agreement · GSTIN Number

For a Partnership Firm or LLP: · Proof of Identity:

  • LLP or Partnership Registration certificate
  • Partnership deed
  • Documents identifying as Partners
  • Proof of Address: LLP’s Electricity Bill, LLP’s Telephone Bill, Rental or Lease Agreement, Electricity bill
  • GSTIN Number

For a Sole Proprietorship firm:

  • Proof of Identity:
  • Passport of the proprietor
  • PAN of the proprietor
  • Voter ID/Driving License
  • Other government ID cards with photo
  • Proof of Address: Utility Bill (Electricity bill or Telephone Bill), Bank account statement of the proprietor, License or Lease Agreement
  • GSTIN Number

Step 3: Listing the Products You Want to Sell on Flipkart

Listing a product refers to filling out the necessary information and adding images of the product on Flipkart. In order to list the products, you first need to understand the category, catalog, and product description guidelines.

How does the product categories and cataloging work?

Product category is a broad classification of the product you wish to sell. for e.g., ‘Camera’ comes under the category of “Cameras and Accessories". A catalog consists of all the required details of a product that you want to sell. It includes product features (colour, price, and size), images of the product, and any other information about the product. You have to create something that is information-rich, and you should build interest in customers about your products.

Here is a list of things that you need to add to your products:

Flipkart Catalog Product Title

It is recommended to write a title such that it ranks high for relevant keywords or search terms. The product title is an essential aspect of your product. It is your first opportunity to give your customer an idea of why they should spend on your product.

Flipkart Catalog Product Features

You must ensure that all the features of the product are covered in the catalog. If you miss out on some features, you stand a chance of losing a sale. Highlight the key features that the customers are generally looking for.

Flipkart Catalog Product Description

You have to write a detailed description that adds value to your product. Ensure that you mention the major benefit of the product in the description and do not add any misleading information.

Below are a few tips for writing an effective description:

  1. Know who your target audience is and write features that would be of interest to your potential customers
  2. Give all the relevant details about your product and convince the buyer of its benefits.
  3. Write about the best features and unique specifications of your product.

Flipkart Catalog Product Image

Images are a major factor influencing the purchase, they should be of high resolution and crystal clear from various angles.

Below are some of the guidelines related to images:

  • Watermark/Logo/Text: Primary images cannot have any watermark/logo/brand name. However, secondary images can have a watermark/logo/ brand name.
  • White Background: Primary image should only have a white background. There is no such condition for secondary images
  • Image Sizes: Images should be minimum 500px X 500 px.
  • Additional information: Any additional information regarding your product like how to handle the product, product care instructions, etc. can be added.

How can Bridcodes Global help you with selling on Flipkart?

The whole process of selling on Flipkart can be further simplified by using Bridcodes Global’s solutions, a registered partner of Flipkart, which can make the onboarding process a breeze, and your products will be on the Flipkart platform in no time. As the leading provider of Flipkart partner services in India, Bridcodes Global has the expertise, experience, and knowledge of how Flipkart is working and has a deep understanding of what online buyers look out for.

Flipkart holds a huge promise for a great boost in our business revenues if you join their platform as a seller. Among the other things, you need a fantastic, user-friendly, and appealingly striking e-catalog on Flipkart. We provide you with a running start with amazing online Flipkart customized catalogs. We have a complete focus on the Flipkart product listing service; selling and we take care of look and online catalog management.  Some of the solutions that are provided by Bridcodes Global are Account Management, Catalog Creation, Imaging, Advertising and even Liquidation. At Bridcodes Global we are constantly providing the best solutions for our clients. Bridcodes Global offers you the simplest Flipkart services by providing you with the following:

Product Listing

Bridcodes Global’s Flipkart product listing service will help you in uploading a photo of each of your products with the correct information such as standard ID, product tag, images, description, and other particular details. As a part of the listing service, we will ensure that your user has complete information about your products and live your products by approving from the brand of Flipkart.

Create Cataloging

We create a professional catalog with high quality and attractive photos as well as a small description. Since the online market has different categories, the Flipkart cataloging service helps you to classify with accuracy. We make sure that shoppers can easily find the products.


We will provide effective strategies for listing and cataloging the products. Our expert team will help you to add search terms that provide the correct information about product listings. We upload the images with approved content and also provide the promotion of products through the service of social media marketing and SEO.


Our product SEO and Flipkart product listing service include competitor analysis and keyword research to create a suitable description for your products. We will include multiple product attributes in a particular format which helps in building an engaging, keyword-rich product page to maximize keyword disclosure and click-through rate.

Product Listing Optimization

As a part of the Flipkart cataloging service, we make sure each detail about the product upload is relevant and use correctly. Start from the title of the product to images and description, we will optimize every detail which is part of the algorithm and ensures that customers find you easily.

Daily Updation

We provide a backup support service to keep your website fresh and current each day. Your part is to inform us of your brand approval details by Flipkart and provide the log-in ID and password so we can easily access your account to upload content. If you do not submit the full details of each product it does not seem transparent to your customer.

If you want any Flipkart partner services, then Bridcodes Global is your one-stop-destination. Our team of expert professionals can help you manage the visuals of the online presence on Flipkart.

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