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Mobile App Testing in Montgomery

Our end-to-end solutions find vulnerabilities, functionality issues, and performance issues in your mobile app or website across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers, ensuring your users have a positive experience they'll want to continue. Functional, compatibility, usability, performance, and security testing are all types of mobile application testing. Bridcodes has been providing full-range mobile app testing services since 2010, based on our expertise in mobile specifics and standards, to ensure the high quality and user adoption of your app.

Mobile App Testing services in Montgomery

Users today have exceptionally high expectations. We’re here to help you to provide flawless user experience and ensure the success of your business.

Usability Testing

The mobile testing team at Bridcodes ensures that your app has a user-friendly interface and is convenient and simple to use for your target audience.

Functional testing

Our mobile testing team will ensure that your app runs smoothly and meets all functional requirements, including backend functionality.

Performance Testing

Bridcodes' performance test engineers will ensure that your mobile app is free of stress, load, scalability, or reliability issues. Our testing team can also perform backend performance testing for large-scale applications with a large number of users.

Compatibility Testing

Our testing experts can ensure that your mobile app has an excellent user experience and runs smoothly on all target devices, operating systems, and mobile browsers.

Compliance testing

Bridcodes' team of experts can check your apps for compliance with official iOS and Android guidelines, as well as industry-specific regulations (GAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.).

Security Testing

Bridcodes' cybersecurity engineers can conduct penetration testing, simulating a real-world hacking attack, to identify your app's security flaws and make recommendations for how to fix them.

Automated Mobile Testing

Bridcodes' team can use test automation for functional and regression, performance, compatibility, and security mobile testing, as well as keyword-driven and/or data-driven frameworks, to streamline your app's releases and ensure adequate test coverage.

Accessibility Testing

Bridcodes' mobile testing team thoroughly examines your app for compliance with WCAG 2.1 and ADA standards, as well as any specific requirements of your intended disabled users, to ensure that they can easily access and use it.

Benefits of Mobile App Testing in Montgomery

To plan and conduct mobile testing, Bridcodes uses an Agile and DevOps-based testing methodology. This approach is based on years of experience and aids in the integration of both mobile engineering and mobile testing processes to provide business-critical benefits.

Improved User perception

It's critical to check your app with a critical eye to avoid a negative user perception. Our managed crowd testing solution makes it simple to put this knowledge to use.

Test in the real life scenario

We prefer to test on real devices rather than using emulators to see how your app works with different operating systems.

Use of Best tools

Bridcodes' tool knowledge and agnosticism enable us to recommend the best tools for your needs.

Improve usability

Our UX expertise allows us to ensure that both novice and experienced users' needs are met.

Complete Flexibility

We can help you shorten your time to market, expand your test coverage, and ensure that new quality standards are met.

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