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Industrial Design in Alabama

We create simple, useful, and desired products that are beautifully built. We deliver solutions that empower end users, enliven the channel, and boost businesses by applying our craft in market contexts. Our product design and development company, which was founded in 2008, works with corporate, startups, and everyone in between. Our design firm is now based in Bangalore, and it is brimming with professionals in industrial design, product development, engineering design, fast prototyping, UX UI design, branding, strategy, and research. Our in-house rapid prototyping lab enables our industrial designers and product engineers to iterate swiftly through fast-fails and build market-ready solutions. Our design firm's creative atmosphere is, and has always been, open and accepting of a wide range of ideas, cultures, and backgrounds. Bridcodes is considered as one of the best product design firms in Alabama, as well as a top product engineering and development organisation.

Industrial Design Services in Alabama

Human-centered industrial and product design is a cross-functional and collaborative process. Most industrial design projects begin with primary and secondary research to better understand the customer and client. We aren't usually designing for ourselves. As a result, we must cultivate strong empathy for our clients and their customers. Psycho-Aesthetics, our advanced design-thinking paradigm, is a critical tool for understanding users and customers.


To build long-lasting products and services, ethnographic research must be carefully planned. At the same time, a well-designed ethnography can cut product development costs by focusing on the most important and relevant facts without wasting time and resources. From strategy to execution to applications, the ethnographic research process involves several stages. 

Product Design

To define the product at it best, we utilize our proprietary approach to investigate aesthetics, appearance, branding, colour and material alternatives, user interface, ergonomics, assembly, and manufacturing strategies.


A brand must be appropriate for the business as well as the clients that the company and its products serves. A brand is defined as a distinctive design, sign, symbol, words, or a mix of these elements used to create an image that identifies a product and distinguishes it from its competitors. A strong brand is based not only on the aesthetic qualities of brand elements, but also on the details such as the message and emotional appeal.


We have a distinct advantage in product engineering because we combine tried and proven engineering approaches with emerging technologies. While prototyping is an important part of our job, new 3D printing techniques enable us to quickly build life-like models that can be utilized to address problems and make improvements that would otherwise be costly. At the same time, our systems engineering methodologies embrace traditional understandings of systems integration as well as organization-wide technologies like hybrid-cloud, AI/ML, and IoT that are driving innovation. Finally, we leverage our decades of knowledge to apply best practices to each project while remaining flexible enough to add new ones as needed.

Modeling and Prototyping

You can identify product concerns, revise and validate concepts, and approve solutions by evaluating and confirming ideas while in conceptual design. We have 3D printing, machining, and other prototype procedures in-house, as well as a large outside network for specialized services.


New products almost always demand new technologies, which can be iterations of existing technologies or built entirely from the ground up. New technologies can come in the form of new processes, mechanisms, or materials used in novel ways, or a combination of all three. A critical risk of the product development process is making decisions about how to employ or build new technology. We handle this risk throughout the entire procedure. We ensure that new technologies correspond with our client's business and strategic goals, as well as essential customer needs, by establishing KPIs from the start.

Product Design and Industrial Design in Alabama

We focus functional industrial design that promotes intuitive creativity and calculated scientific decision-making as a top product design comoany and design consultant in Alabama. We take our responsibilities to produce compelling designs that define markets and industries while also creating new intellectual property seriously in our product design work. Our designers can produce best-in-class solutions that consider product form and function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, sustainability, and sales in a highly collaborative setting. In the past, we've combined art and science to create sustainable packaging, medical gadgets, water filtration, toys, and more. Our industrial company is committed to ensuring that great design exists everywhere and for everyone, and we are dedicated to developing solutions that are both financially successful and address today's most important social challenges. Our design consulting services in Alabama have been used in a variety of industries, including consumer goods and health We work with both corporations and small businesses.

Why Bridcodes for Industrial Design in Alabama

Bridcodes' designs elicit emotional responses from customers, products, and businesses. We encourage open innovation as well as existing design project categories. Bridcodes serves its clients' product design, industrial design, and engineering needs by staying on top of the latest trends in product and industrial design and product development. The Bridcodes team is made up of brilliant, devoted industrial designers, engineers, researchers, UI UX designers, and branding and marketing specialists, making us one of the best industrial design company in Alabama. As a result, we offer world-class industrial design, design research, and engineering services to businesses not only in India but around the globe. We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to category leaders looking to expand their market share. We take pleasure in our ability to meet all of our clients' design needs creatively. Finally, our firm places a high value on meeting a client's stringent requirements.

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