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Flipkart Seller Management

Flipkart Seller Management in United States

Bridcodes Global is a Flipkart authorized Seller Acquisition Partner in United States, offering catalogue and account management services in United States. We're here to help you get a head start as a seller on Flipkart, one of the India's popular online marketplace. Admins who want to manage client accounts on Flipkart must follow a set of rules. Our team of professionals and experts is well-versed in the complexities of Flipkart's catalogue and account management processes. These services are primarily carried out to maintain a healthy seller account and scale your business. They include everything from creating your Flipkart seller account to registering your brand, product listing, order management, and Flipkart advertisement management.

Flipkart Seller Management Service in United States

These services are primarily performed to keep your seller account in good shape and help you grow your business. They cover everything from setting up your Flipkart seller account to registering your brand, listing products, managing orders, and managing Flipkart advertisements. Flipkart marketplace management services are available from a variety of companies. At Flipkart, the business account manager is responsible for increasing revenue and maximising business growth. Bridcodes is the best in Flipkart listing services and provides excellent Flipkart Seller Management Services. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who will handle all of your requests and needs. We've been working hard for years, and we've helped a lot of customers succeed in their product businesses. We have a strong work ethic that ensures our own customers receive high-quality work every time.

We are the right choice if you want to hire a company to keep your eCommerce store on the Flipkart marketplace. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are pleased to provide end-to-end support for all business owners. Bridcodes has provided top Flipkart product listing services in United States, content for product descriptions, customer support, and inventory management systems to a variety of online product vendors.

Account Setup

We create a Seller account for you on Flipkart and fill in all of your business information, including your business name, PAN, TAN, or GSTIN ID, account information, and store information and description.

Brand & Category Approval

Once you've set up your selling account, double-check all of the details. The next step is to upload a brand authorization letter or a trademark that you already own from the brand, and then get Flipkart approval for the brand and category of the product you want to sell.

GTIN Exemption

You don't have a GTIN and want to sell products for which you are a manufacturer, brand, or Marketer.

Listings & Catalog Management

Maintain control over your product catalogue and listing. In which our Flipkart experts walk you through a step-by-step listing process to fill in all of your product details and images with all of the necessary information so that customers can easily find your products.

Order Management

Our experts provide you with full support and manage your entire Order Management process with complete accuracy and transparency. Once the order has been generated, our experts will contact you. Set a delivery date for when the shipping agent comes to pick up the product and deliver it to the correct person.

Returns & Seller Protection

All of your return processes will be handled by our team. Additionally, the Seller Protection Fund will provide you with complete protection against fraudulent buyers (SPF). If fraud occurs in the future, our professionals will assist you in obtaining compensation in accordance with the case and category, as well as filing a claim with Flipkart through the SPF on your behalf.

Why Bridcodes for Flipkart Seller Management in United States

At Bridcodes, our sole goal is to increase our customers' ROI. Flipkart is one of the e-commerce portals where a seller's presence is critical to increasing sales. You can get the best Flipkart Seller Services in United States with Bridcodes, and we will list your products better than any other sales channel. We always use the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that the number of visitors to the product page grows day by day. Under Flipkart Product Listing Services, we advise and provide custom solutions to our customers who sell products on Flipkart.

Improve Product Discoverability

We assist each and every client in finding their products among the vast array of products available on Flipkart.

Boost ROI

We can help increase sales by targeting the right group of customers with better techniques and content-marketing strategies.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Our team is familiar with Flipkart's exact rules and regulations for placing products in its marketplace, so we can properly assist you with our Flipkart product listing services.

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