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Branding is the act of establishing and refining the essence or identity of a business, product or service. Some people believe branding is about making a promise to your customers. We believe this to be a shallow perspective, as branding encompasses both the promise and how, when, and why it is made. A brand, in its broadest sense, is a business' voice, heart, mind, and style.

Branding Services in Alaska

Before we start each project, we ask ourselves the very basic question: What problem are we trying to solve? We identify the problem and establish a plan to address it through a series of guided talks. This step allows our clients to have a better understanding of how we think, work, and who we are, assuring a suitable fit for the project. We utilize evidence-based insights to find the most viable growth prospects for your brand, then develop brand experiences that connect with the opportunity, deliver meaning to customers, and empower sales teams, resulting in improved sales performance. Finally, we create roadmaps that align corporate strategies with the brand's goals.

We at Bridcodes take a holistic approach to branding. Our methodical approach starts with evidence-based brand research and strategy, which informs brand identity and lays the groundwork for brand engagement.

Brand Research in Alaska

Everything we do is built on the foundation of brand research. Our rigorous qualitative and quantitative research approaches discover the insights and data that enable the creation of remarkable brands. Our evidence-based approach, which is tailored to each client's specific needs and challenges, enables our teams to make informed decisions based on facts from both inside and outside the organization.

We tailor our approach to your needs, from global corporate brand evaluation surveys to in-depth customer perspectives and discovery workshops.

  • Workshops for Executives
  • Brand Evaluation and Market Potential
  • Insights from Customers and Influencers
  • Internal and stakeholder perspectives
  • Culture Audit and Employee Alignment

Brand Strategy in Alaska

The most successful brands are created from inside, based on the organization's relevant and unique qualities and influenced by target audience research. Some of the most experienced brand strategists in the industry put these essential building pieces of a brand strategy in place.

Brand Positioning

Building a brand positioning platform is the first step in brand strategy. The platform's rungs are built in a certain arrangement, one on top of the other. We identify an organization's Distinctive Strengths based on its brand research, which serve as the foundation for its competitive advantage and capacity to address client needs. The basic truths that build on such qualities are known as brand pillars. These, along with actual proof points, drive brand relevance and distinction. The Brand Personality of a company is a collection of descriptive words that together represent the brand and define its major characteristics. A central statement that articulates the essential features of a company's brand strategy is called brand positioning. Finally, we produce the Brand Essence—a short, inspirational theme that encapsulates the positioning strategy's fundamental principles and emotional heart. These factors together make up a brand's positioning platform.

We can build brands that matter by clearly identifying the common ground between an organization's strengths and what customers want.

Corporate Visioning

What is the purpose of your organization? What is its goal and how will it get there? It's vital for businesses to communicate the answers to these questions to their customers—and, perhaps more importantly, to their own employees. We guide clients through the development of Guiding Statements—Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. This approach, in our experience, is both enlightening and powerful, assisting firms in strengthening external relationships with consumers and the industry at large. These statements also act as a compass for current and potential employees, allowing them to see where they fit in and how they contribute.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture refers to how a company maintains the relationships between its brands, goods, and services in the marketplace in order to reach customers more effectively and gain competitive advantages.  The brand architectures of some organisations are simple and relatively static. When major changes occur, like as rapid expansion, reorganization, product breakthroughs, mergers, or acquisitions, the picture might become hazy or unwieldy. We assist companies in taking a new look at their brands—both corporate and product brands—and re-creating the architecture based on current and future variables. The goal is for all stakeholders to have a clear, up-to-date picture of how your company operates and what it can offer.

Corporate Narrative and Messaging

After the brand positioning platform is in place, the attention shifts to developing language that communicates the brand in an easy-to-understand manner that resonates with stakeholders. We start by developing a corporate narrative that encompasses the entire brand. This language can be seen in places like a website's About Us section,press releases and FAQs. We then create messaging that speaks directly to the requirements of the major audiences we discovered during our study. This language has been carefully created for customers, investors, channel partners, and current and potential staff. This information, when taken as a whole, acts as a messaging blueprint for the brand and their communications partners.

Brand Roadmap

How do you put a new brand into action once it's been established? A roadmap is necessary for any meaningful journey. A brand roadmap is a two- or three-year plan for operationalizing the brand—creating a rock-solid link between the brand strategy and the business strategy, and then monitoring performance over time. We perform leadership training early on in this journey to achieve top-level consensus and consistency. Collaboration with HR, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sales, and other important departments to solidify responsibilities and assist them organize tasks in a logical, proven cadence are among the other milestones. This methodology has shown to be vital for successful brand rollouts and maintenance.

Brand Identity in Alaska

We combine world-class creative capabilities with brand strategy and research to visually articulate and fully bring to life a new brand identity in the marketplace.

Brand Naming

A new brand name is the most visible symbol of change in an organisation. It sets the tone for a new direction and instils new vigour in both external stakeholders and employees. When our evidence-based brand research and strategy shows that a new brand name is justified, we start with a strategic naming brief that includes the basic brand aspects we've established to that point, and we develop names against that brief. Brand name is a significant challenge due to increasingly limited trademark availability; and thus, our method is highly rigorous. The naming professionals at Bridcodes Global have established brand names for over a hundred organisations and products that communicate a fresh identity and resonate in the marketplace.

Logo Design

The development of a logo frequently follows the introduction of a new name. The approach is directed by strategy and a formal logo brief, which spells out crucial components discovered during research such as brand personality and creative motivations. We collaborate closely with customers to grasp their visions for how the brand should be represented aesthetically, then bring our expertise to the discussion. One of the most apparent parts of a brand's identity is a new logo. However, a logo's significance extends beyond market presence: it serves as the starting point for developing a visual brand system.

Brand Expression

Beyond the logo, brand expression is a visual toolkit that includes colour palettes, typography, graphic devices, and aesthetics. This toolkit is designed as a complete brand identity system, showcasing how all of these pieces work together to represent the brand across several platforms. This becomes a conceptual guide—a visual rubric that marketing and corporate communications departments, ad agencies, and promotional partners utilise as a starting point in the design of all brand-related aspects. It also gives authors advice on how to adjust the intensity of a piece based on the audience, context, and medium.

Brand Guidelines

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial but tough, especially over time. We develop Brand Guidelines to assist customers in maintaining consistency across all visual toolkit elements. It's the go-to guide for do's and don'ts, with guidelines for logo positioning, clear space, and proximity, colour proportion and usage, and how and when to mix a brand's visual aspects appropriately. Internal departments may regulate the brand, and external partners don't have to guess, thanks to brand guidelines. Visual brand rules are essential for preserving a corporate brand's consistency, integrity, and effectiveness throughout time.

Branded Environments

The environment in which employees work is often one of the first applications of a new brand. It's an important aspect of establishing the brand internally—a physical manifestation of the brand that reinforces and makes its ideals real every day. Our team of creatives and designers work with customers to create and implement environmental designs that best suit their brand and objectives, from exterior and interior signage to common area graphics, paint schemes, and art installations. When done correctly, a branded workplace reminds people who you are as a company, why you do what you do, and where you're going.

Brand Engagement in Alaska

Even the best brand strategy is useless unless it is implemented correctly. We form long-term relationships with our clients, collaborating on brand adoption, launch, management, corporate marketing, and success measurement. Even the best brand strategy is meaningless unless it is properly implemented. We form long-term relationships with our clients, collaborating on brand adoption, launch, management, corporate marketing, and success measurement.

Internal Brand Adoption and Training

A new brand must be carefully introduced to your employees before it can go to market. They should have been an integral part of the branding process and helped to create the organization's brand promise if done correctly; now they need to know how they'll uphold that promise and assist in its execution. This step is about connecting employees' hearts and minds, ensuring that they have a thorough understanding of the new brand and a firm confidence in its values. We lead a comprehensive effort to train staff on properly and consistently communicating the brand, both internally and publicly, as your brand engagement agency in Alaska. We examine the brand roadmap with your teams to operationalize the brand and ensure that the brand strategy and business plan are properly aligned. We also assist the firm in planning for the next step: launching the brand globally by collaborating with key departments such as HR, Marketing, and Sales.

Go-to-Market Planning

We collaborate with your teams to figure out how to best present and express your new value proposition to external audiences, developing smart print and digital media campaigns, website creation, and social media activity. We usually undertake communication audits as part of the process to find ways to optimize the customer journey and build more meaningful interaction with the company. Bridcodes acts as an extension of many businesses' internal marketing teams.

Corporate Marketing

The planning and execution of Corporate Marketing is another facet of brand engagement. This work includes developing collateral systems with design and message that reinforce the new brand, as well as sales tools that provide your field teams with the information they need to communicate the new brand to consumers, channel partners, and distributors. This marketing programme also includes corporate-focused advertising, public relations, and social media. Our brand management experts collaborate with your internal teams to build a strategy for these initiatives, as well as execute creative creation and production as needed.

Brand Management & Consulting

Brands exist in a constantly changing environment. Internal and external forces—acquisitions, new products, competitor movements, regulatory pressures—are always at work, and brands must be handled actively and continuously to sustain power and consistency. Our experts are in a great position to help manage the brand on a consulting basis after leading the branding process from the beginning. This long-term partnership allows customers to maintain contact with our strategic and design teams to ensure the best possible follow-up to the brand launch, as well as to address market fluctuations or internal product and sales initiatives. We undertake continuing research as an extension of your team to monitor progress against brand objectives, develop benchmarks and KPIs, and offer recommendations on any design, messaging, or technique changes that are needed. We also guide customers through annual planning sessions that allow us to fine-tune the brand going forward as a group.

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