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What is Branding, Really?


Branding is a process in marketing through which you create and communicate a distinct and differential image of your business which will help push forward your products and services by highlighting the unique selling proposition. With branding, you help people distinguish your company from the competition and develop emotional connections to your company. There are various branding techniques, a few of them include the use of logos, taglines, jingles, or mascots.

Why is branding important for your business?

You are probably wondering why it matters if you create a brand identity for your business or not. There are quite a few reasons why it's important, especially in today’s internet age. Here are four reasons why you need to brand your business:

1. Branding creates awareness about your business

Branding helps your audience get familiar with your business. In order to turn a lead into a customer, you need to help them get to know what your business actually does, what it offers and at what pricing. Branding is an essential tool which helps you in doing all of this and more. A potential customer may not need any of your products or services now but if you create awareness, they will remember your business when they are in need of a product or service. Branding helps you create an impression on the audiences who, in turn, can better recollect your business in the future.

2. Branding helps you to be different from your competition

One of the most important reasons why you, as a business, must invest in branding is to enable you to stand out from your competition. There are dozens of similar businesses like yours who are selling similar products and services, why should the customer choose you? Apart from the quality of products and services, branding is another component that is at play in this scenario. If your business looks like everyone else’s, why should the customer pick you? With branding, you help make your company different from your competition. You create your unique selling proposition and experience for the customer so that they can identify your business outside of your competition.

3. Branding helps create a consistent experience for your customers

Definition of branding often focuses on creating a distinct and identifiable image for your audience. Creating an image of the brand helps you create a consistent experience. Your business will appear very disorganized if you don’t set up and abide by branding guidelines. When you decide on your brand theme, you must stick to it. If any aspect of your branding is entirely different than what your brand image is, the customer will not have a pleasant experience. Imagine a color theme on one page of the website is blue and black and the next page is bright yellow and pink. The inconsistency will throw people off and chances of people bouncing from the website are higher. That’s why branding is critical for helping you create consistent experiences. It lets people know and feel like they’re interacting with the same brand and getting to know that brand.

4. Branding helps you create a bond with your customers

If you ask us, what is branding? It’s a fundamental piece of the puzzle that helps in building close connections with your customer. Many people are drawn to brands initially because of their branding. Sometimes the color themes used by brands are very quirky while some have strong social messaging. These days brands are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and that is also becoming an USP for them. Brands help you build a purpose in your business and that is what customers relate to. Branding in marketing helps you evoke emotions and deeper connections to your brand. It’s vital for helping you build interest in what you offer.

How to brand your business online: 3 Quick Tips

Now that you have understood the importance of branding, let us help you with three tips to help you brand your business online:

1. Create a Brand guide

If you want to know how to brand your business online, start by creating a style guide for your business. A style guide is a book or a guide that helps you ensure that all the visual marketing assets of your company have a consistent look and your brand is easily identifiable across the web, right from your emails, social media campaigns, to your website.

With your brand style guide, you can establish elements which will help you maintain consistency and create familiarity with the audiences:

  • Website color palette
  • Website element colors (call to action (CTA) buttons, forms, etc.)
  • Font style and size
  • Writing style
  • Image style

2. Create your Logo

If you don't already have a logo, it's high time you consider getting one for your business. A logo is an essential element for the business, it is very useful for brand recollection and you will be remembered in the potential customer pool based on your logo. For example, if we talk about the iconic logos, if I said McDonald’s, you will remember the yellow arches very easily. This color and the font of McDonald’s has been imprinted in our brains. We may not see the brand name but the colors and the font do the trick here.

Your logo should in a way signify what you do and set you apart from your competition. The color theme must remain consistent and the logo must seamlessly fit in your overall brand identity. A logo must be simple, clear and crisp as it will be used in all your marketing materials, like your website, social media profile picture, etc. A complex logo will be hard to remember and use.

3. Build and convey your brand’s story

As per the definition of branding, it's all about creating a distinct identity. So how exactly can you do that? People love to know what your business stands for, why you started what you started and your journey. It helps create a humanistic connection with your brand. One of the best marketing techniques for getting brand image across to the public is through storytelling. You can tell your story with a logo or slogan that represents what you do. You could pick brand colors that have cultural connections and what people resonate with. You can share your brand’s story in an “About Us' ' section of your website detailing your journey, telling your potential customers why you believe in your brand and how it sets you apart. While creating the website and marketing material, ensure that you also integrate critical elements of your brand’s story. It helps build a direct relation between you and the customers. Having a story behind your brand will help you create marketing messages that resonate with your audience and make them feel connected to your brand.

What is branding? Your key to earning more customers

No matter how old your brand is and how well established you are, keeping your branding fresh and relevant is the need of the hour. You must have noticed many famous brands change their logos, color schemes, and their tone of messaging as the years go by. Wonder why? The answer is that your brand must be fresh and relatable to the target audience. If your brand no longer is relatable, it's time to adapt to the change. Businesses must work to ensure that their brand fits the way their service, values, and vision have evolved over time. Even a brand as big as Coca-Cola have changed their logo, bottle shapes, and even their colors. So don’t think your brand has grown too big to make some much-needed refreshments. Branding and rebranding in marketing is absolutely essential if you want to help your business reach a new customer base and expand your online growth. If you need help branding your business, Bridcodes Global can help you with it!

We offer everything that you would need from a marketing perspective, right from developing a brand identity to promote your brand to your audience. From web designing to SEO, we offer everything you need to get your brand in front of more qualified leads and ahead of the competition. Our team of experts knows how to promote brands to increase revenue. Our years of experience is at your disposal, so get in touch right away!

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